Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saint Nicholas

Tonight when it is dark
Saint Nicholas may come.
He loves to bring a big surprise.
He gives the children toys.

We thank you, good Saint Nicholas!
We thank you for the toys!
We thank you, good Saint Nicholas!
You bring us many joys.

—Ade Bethune

Saint Nicholas Day is such a lovely way to start our holiday season. It comes one week after we light our first advent candle. It's a much needed break from the busyness of the season. We take the time to polish our shoes, read stories and share our blessings. The children woke to find an orange, dark chocolate, and a toy each. A got a lovely wool fairy, which she has named Lilac, that I received in a craft swap and F got a wonderful knit hedgehog from the talented Nicole. They both had their oranges for breakfast and played with their sweet toys. 

Saint Nicholas reminds us that we should share our wealth and help those in need. Today we take the opportunity to give toys to children less fortunate than my own. We chose to donate to a local group called Santa's Anonymous. They collect toys and clothes for families in our city, wrap them and deliver them for Christmas. I had some toys we never even opened and they were the perfect way to spread some joy.


  1. I love A's name choice for her fairy. L named his latest knit shark Lilac too!!!
    And your idea of spreading joy for children is so wonderful! I think I need to borrow it for next year <3

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.