Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Catch-up

I'm play catch up here on the blog. Around New Years we installed a new operating system on our computer. Once the new system was running, my SD card was no longer recognized by my computer. We spent the last week trouble shooting the new system until we finally got the pictures uploaded. It's such a relief that my Christmas photos are no longer trapped on that little one inch card.

Our holidays were wonderful. We spent our time with family, giving gifts from the heart, eating good food and enjoying all the special Christmas moments. I treasure the details. We attended the live nativity pageant in our town for the first time this year and it was very well done. It was so cold but F got to pet a real alpaca and donkey so he was very excited. My aunt, who I haven't seen in five years, spent Christmas day with us. A and I baked these delicious (but not at all healthy) cookies for Santa. My children were blessed with lovely handmade gifts and gave handmade gifts as well (I will post about their crafts soon). J had the whole week off over Christmas so we soaked up all that family time.

I hope each of you had a magical holiday. No matter how or what you celebrate I hope it was peaceful and joyful.

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