Thursday, January 14, 2016

Made by Little Hands

This year A got involved with the making of Christmas gifts for some very special people. It really took some perseverance on her part (and on mine too) but her heart was full as she gave those gifts.

For her grandparents she painted a ceramic mug (even did a silk-screen leaf on it!) and she finger knit a lovely wool ear warmer. She chose the yarn (purple of course) and while I read to her she knit 3 strands. I then stitched them together and added the button and elastic. For her aunt she painted a special soap dish (again in purple) which I finished off with a few bars of my own homemade citrus soap. I simply love that she made her gift for her brother. For F she made a finger knit snake. I attached the tongue and eyes, with A's supervision of course.

Everything was loved and cherished. It's how gift giving should be. You should feel moved to show your feelings through thoughtfulness and time. It should warm your own heart as much as it does the receiver.  I plan to look back on this post often as it always puts a smile on my face.

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