Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Learning Lifecycles

It's spring and new life is popping up everywhere. It was the perfect time to start talking about life cycles. A is very interested in nature and biology so this grabbed her attention immediately. We frequently visit the butterfly gardens in town and observe chrysalis there. We also have chicks we are observing go through the changes to chicken. We have painted lady larvae we will be raising coming next month and we are hoping to raise a couple tadpoles to frogs as well. It's such a fascinating topic. There are so many processes of development in nature.

 We made sure to stop by the library and stock up on books to help us answer all our life cycle questions. While information books are really helpful, I was glad to find some story books that we could read a bedtime that tied into what we had been discussing. Hurry and the Monarch and Tale of a Tadpole were great stories for us and beautifully illustrated.

One more place we are observing life cycles is in the garden. Seeds are sprouting, bulbs we planted in the fall are blooming, trees are blossoming. I asked A to draw me a life cycle and she drew the life cycle of a tree. On the left under the dirt is a green seed (like the green acorns we find in September) that has sprouted, then it becomes a seedling before finally growing into a tree. She made sure to tell me about the sun and how the plants need the sun. I love when she shares her knowledge with me.

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