Monday, April 4, 2016

A Family Bed

I think I always knew I wanted to share my bed with my children. When I was pregnant with A we bought a side-car cosleeper and never used it. I took her into my bed and it just worked. Sure, we are tired but our children are young. They don't sleep through the night but as I am learning, they aren't supposed to. I sleep better when I can open one eye and see that my child is safely snoozing at my side. A does sleep in her own bed now but as soon as she wakes up she comes into the family bed. We often take our time in the morning. We snuggle, we talk about our plans for the day, F usually nurses. It's our safe place, it's comfort.

I've recently been handed down a brightly-colored beautiful quilt made by my Great-Aunt made almost 50 years ago. It makes me cheery every time I lay it on my bed. When I was making things for A's nursery (that we never used) I was given a lovely hand painted piece of fabric from my aunt. I turned it into a star scene pillow that I still use. I've surrounded the bed with a few special things. We all love the gentle light of our Himalayan salt lamp. When I was pregnant with F, I struggled to sleep well. I started dreading the night. I found a beautiful, nature-inspired dreamcatcher. In the summer, I love how the feathers lightly float in the breeze from the open window. I've slept better since hanging it. The last touch that brings me such joy are prints by Nikki McClure.  They remind me of my favorite moments of motherhood. Days get stressful but there are moments that I would never trade for all the riches in the world.

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