Saturday, April 9, 2016

Garden Joy

The weather has been nothing short of perfect for planting. The sun keeps the soil warm but it's not so hot that I want to pass out after 20 minutes. We still have a lot of work to finish up the big garden overhaul. All the raised beds are built and most have soil. I've been waiting since October for this!

The radishes are planted and sprouting. So are the cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, swiss chard and lettuce. I've been having really excellent luck so far with my indoor seedlings. I decided to use a small heat mat to keep the roots warm this year. My celery, jalapenos and tomatoes are all very happy.

I'm very excited about my herb bed. I've transplanted several of my perennial herbs and started many from seed. I used stones and driftwood to separate everything until they are fully grown. I'm looking forward to making my own tinctures, salves and teas. I decided though not to plant my mint and oregano in the bed since they are so vigorous (they tend to take over). They are very happy in their pots, even this early in the growing season.

I had really hoped we would have a new colony of bees by the time our fruit trees bloomed but we haven't had any luck finding bees yet. So we got a small box of mason bee cocoons. The sun and warmth has hatched them all and it's wonderful to watch them work. They are such hard workers and actually quite beautiful. It's easy to appreciate these bees for all they do for us.

We spend most of our days outside planting, weeding, watering and playing but even when we are inside, we are talking about seeds, plants and flowers. We recently got a beautiful painting of an Linnaeus clock that we often look to for flower inspiration. I avoid cutting flowers because I believe bees and other insects need them outside but from time to time we bring in a few flowers. They are such a joyful thing for us all, it's hard to resist when A asks for some.

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