Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Round Two

 Our second round of chicks are here. I'm so excited for these guys. I love the heritage breeds and these ones came from a farm a good hour from us. We got a few blue laced red Wynadottes and a couple Silver Sussex. We got them when they were just 24 hours old. They are probably the smallest chicks we've ever had. Both kids were instantly obsessed. They were constantly checking on them, asking to feed them, hold them and name them (we don't name any of our chickens. They are difficult to tell apart and it makes it hard to say goodbye when it's their time). They aren't old enough for us to sex them, we aren't sure if we have any roosters in the bunch yet. We are just so excited to have them here.

Round one chickens are getting big! They are big enough now to go outside during the day. I can't wait until they are bit enough to go in their coop. They are getting smelly and are starting to dig around in their cage. These two are supposed to be females but I'm noticing differences in their head feathers so I'm wondering if we might have a male. Only time will tell.

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